The Simplicity of Love.

These lessons given in Love, are inspirations given to all humanity by God.

In a world where we are influenced by conflicting choices, we find ourselves drawn towards one choice or another.

At times the choice to follow the heart is all that becomes prevalent, yet many times throughout life we are drawn by another force that leads us to a path fuelled by fear.

It is in this path of fear that we can CHANGE THE WORLD and stop the human race from becoming BABIES IN THE GUTTER.

How can a path of fear possibly change the world?


In Love any thought or act is perfection. It is the all of all there is. Love gives you strength, hope, joy, peace and courage, where as, fear does not hold the same simplicity as Love. You are entering another world.

The age of fear is unlimited in time created through God’s Love as the gift of Love. Fear has no real power over you, it simply unravels the mind to a belief that the path of fear is all we have.

The passing of time often creates a greater admission for a more fear filled world in as much as the world today, holds greater opportunities to create as well as destroy.

With each generation, this field opens up at an alarming rate. Today we must today take a step back and return to the basic truths of life.

Why is fear a gift from God?

All of man’s downfalls and misbeliefs are created from fear, yet fear is also an alarm signal that warns us against pending danger.

This natural sense is not primarily man’s gift but given to all creatures.

Hate at its worst is said to be evil. Evil can not exist without fear.

This does not make fear the opposite of Love, for Love has no opposite.

Fear is an alternative to Love.

Every day we make choices of what best suits us.

It’s the choices made from the heart, that creates, defines and shapes our lives.

Through God’s gift of choice we create Who we are. A child of God or a Baby in the Gutter.

Some Gift.