‘The How’ is the Key.

“The one question you seek most is not the ‘When’ but ‘How’. ‘How' should be the most asked question by mankind. The ‘When’, you can decide upon, but the ‘How’, is the key to all things. The key to life is to know yourself as nothing then work to create ‘Who’ you want to be. … Continue reading ‘The How’ is the Key.

Can We Be ‘Christ Like?’

To people of all categories there is choice, not to be Christ like. Let me tell you about ‘To Live Christ Like.’ It is unattainable in all cases. It would mean to separate yourself from the ups, downs, joys, heartache and mishaps of human life. Life as a human being is to experience all things … Continue reading Can We Be ‘Christ Like?’

Reincarnation of the Soul and the Mind.

Is reincarnation of the Soul different from reincarnation of the mind?  Answer: Yes. What is reincarnation of the Soul? Answer: Life re-born into the flesh. Let me make one thing clear. The Spirit lies within the Soul.  The Spirit is the DNA of God. The Soul is the Life.  The soul enters the body at … Continue reading Reincarnation of the Soul and the Mind.

Simplicity the Key Element.

Physiology, Biology, Theology, in truth, are kinds of religions.  We are looking for the truth about Life and God.  The problem arises when it becomes too simple and another explanation must be found.  Truth today is a festering hole.  The hole is bigger than the truth.  We feed the hole with our own explanations, with … Continue reading Simplicity the Key Element.

The Power of ‘Self’ Consciousness.

 One of the greatest attributes given to man is the power of thought. We do not comprehend the power behind this ability. The consciousness of ‘Self’ can take us to a deeper level of thinking. This can easily be achieved by stillness. Enter into a silent contemplation by calming down your breathing into unhurried, deeper … Continue reading The Power of ‘Self’ Consciousness.