Submission-Yin- Domination-Yang

My subject today is submission and domination a subject close to my heart.


Submission comes when the spirit fears its own identity to the point of surrendering to a more dominant spirit.

Surrendering to the point of submission can be very painful thing especially when surrendering to God.  Which by the way is not surrendering to God’s will but that’s another story.

The act of Domination comes when the spirit lacks identity in himself therefore attaches to the weakest to find some kind of satisfaction yet it is never found.

It is what I call the Yin and the Yang.

The Yin is often described as passive and yielding.

The Yang being the active and assertive.  The two sides of God.

Yet only God can hold such challenge without changing his true nature, the Yin and the Yang to create the perfect one.

The Yin and the Yang are occasional to each other yet different.

Will they be drawn to each other?

No, but often that is the case they will be drawn to each other. Sadly in such circumstances, one does not know its own strength while the other does not know its place in life.


The Unforgiven.

In God’s world there is no such thing as the Unforgiven.

 Can we as a human race ever learn to love unconditionally, without passing judgment or conviction?

By  understanding that our core essence is ‘God Love,’ can determine us to love unconditionally. Life and relationships have always held conditions. The best way to discover and prove that unconditional love exists in you, is true forgiveness.

We often say the words, ‘I will never forgive you for what you have done or said.’ This common expression is used many times.

Do we believe that this human unforgiveness is also a practice carried out by God?

 Have we then created a God in our own image?

Since we cannot see the benefits of total forgiveness do we believe that God cannot see it also?

 Do we then need to ask God to forgive our humanness?

 What use is it to God?

 Why do we need to pay penances for our human misgivings?

If all this is not necessary in God’s world, was Jesus quoted as saying “Father forgive them they know not what they are doing?”  Luke Chpt. 23v34.

Today we know that his words were often misread in translation. His words were, “The Father hath forgiven them for they know not what they do.”

You are a race so obsessed with sin that you can not see the truth.

You see, you are my children.  You are on this earth to experience all things by your own choice, a gift which I have given to you, therefore how can I say to you that you have sinned against me for a choice in which you were given in love? My preference to you is that your choice be made with the love in which it was given.

I say to you that in all of my truth, you have ‘sinned’ only against each other and the laws of your land.

If God were to give you a choice that held conditions only then would I say to you, that asking God to forgive you had some kind of use. God’s unconditional love and his gift of freewill eliminates his need for your forgiveness.

Yet to ask for forgiveness is a gift you give back to God.









The Ultimate Forgiveness.

We are human beings that forget. Our greatest undoing is to forget the love that we are.   Not only do we forget this, we also live in that forgetfulness.

To be faced with the ultimate forgiveness can we get past the pain enough to forgive or does the hurt infringe on our willingness to forgive and to remember the love that we are?

Let us not forget one thing. To totally forgive does not mean that you can forget the pain of loss, however to hold on to the pain, a loss of pride or a commodity is waste of time. When the loss of a loved one is caused by another’s wrong doing the pain becomes the focal point. The excruciating ache of loss and disgust for the person responsible will unbalance the radiant love that is contained within us. Bounded by the walls of such unrestrained emotion the hurt will infringe on our desire to forgive. For one’s own sake allow the God-power to rebalance the senses and bring forth the ultimate forgiveness.

Tell everyone to simply look at life and learn how life can lead you to a greater understanding from within.

This takes time as much of the process is often measured by your willingness to create a new wisdom that allows you to emerge far superior to the person you once were.

 Wasn’t it Jesus that said, “If ye have the faith of a mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, remove hence to yonder place, and it shall remove.”

Jesus knew we had complexity in believing that we are all a part of God. We do not identify that this God-power is contained within each of us. A God-power that will allow us to achieve any level of understanding that we choose.

 At a time when forgiveness is your greatest challenge this is the time to challenge yourself. You must challenge yourself to remember who you are.

Challenge yourself to create a marvelous miracle. Exercise your right to expand your own divinity. This will bring to you the power to open your mind, release you from the hurt and ache of sadness and bring you full knowledge that by your own assessment you have been saved from destroying yourself.


Only in Forgiveness.

Only in forgiveness to others can you completely forgive yourself.

To ask for forgiveness can be as difficult as it is to give.

To say ‘Forgive me, I will not do this again’ can for some, be a task that requires a great deal of resolution and comes at a cost to their pride. The words may be spoken and the pride hurt but if said purely out of the desire to regain the confidence of the one you have harmed then it becomes a deceitful waste of time.  The words are simply squandered away to the breeze.

Who are we compromising, ourselves or the other person when there is no truth to the claims we have made?

Within ourselves we have played a game that we believe will allow us more scope to deceive again. This way of living only gives us enough space for a short time before the ones we have harmed, understand the weakness of our ways.

The greatest task of man is to discover the one law of God, that Love is all there is.

 God is uncompromising but forever unconditionally forgiving. Our confused ideas and often ignorance in the belief that we must forgive and forgive again for the same wrong that has been done to us is not a God-thought. It is far better to forgive and walk away than to allow yourself to be compromised by that person again.

During a wild panic, the heights of anger or unrestrained passion, conditions are the most dangerous for us to say or do a thing that could harm another. In such conditions the harm is often a reaction that comes from a moment of unguarded thinking. Forgiveness, from within means the ability to allow the God-thought to take charge and to bring to the front, the essentials necessary for true forgiveness.

To say ‘Forgive me’ in truth to someone we have in some way harmed will bring into our lives the possibility of having a better understanding of who we are. In this we will grow in the knowledge that other paths are open to us.  We can move away from our mistakes to begin again.

Can there be any tangible evidence to ‘An act of forgiveness?’

 The tangible evidence is brought about by the feeling the change has created in you. Feel the new and harmonious development that the God-thought brings out in you.

  You have come to a point of utmost significance. You have chosen to expand your own God-power and deliberately exercise this special faculty to give radiant form over the negative nature of your thoughts.


Disappointment into Detachment.

Part 2.

Look at how you can change YOUR world by using these six key essentials in your day to day lives.

Change: Disappointment into Detachment.

This change alone can save you much pain.

You can feel disappointment over someone’s actions, you cannot feel disappointment through someone’s actions. Also remember you cannot shame another. You shame yourself. You cannot give or take the shame of another. Once again it is disappointment you feel.

Change: Reaction into Response.

Respond and move forward. A word of advice. Be sure not to retract to any former way of thinking.

Change: Obsession into Preference.

To want something or someone to the point of obsession will never bring about a good result. It is far wiser to know what you truly want and have it as your preference rather than linger with obsessive thoughts and actions only to receive a little of what you want.

Change: Uncertainty into Hope.

When uncertainty invades us, we become overwrought and flooded with suggestions that promote an instance that may never come about. This can determine a confused state of mind. It is better to put into seclusion this trail of thought and possess a more lasting and gratifying theory on an outcome that is unknown.

Hope will draw us back to a fresh belief that all will be well.

Change: Fear into Calm.

There are many definitions to the word fear. It may mean a sense of impending danger or the apprehension of health and wellbeing. Fear can also mean the emotion of pain and anxiety over a coming event. In every case there is an outlet. To reverse fear into calm tranquility takes much practice but is never impossible. Reason again becomes the secret. It places fear into recession, unbending the mind from panic.

The words above will be invaluable and give you a great sense of being able to handle many situation in life.


Change Your World.

In life we need to be our own expression of who we are. To create what is best for us.

Reason with yourself if life does not suit you. Do not let fear cause you to remain the victim. Give yourself a full moment to be still and change your life.

What kind of changes are you willing to instigate? I have these suggestions for you to try from this moment on.

Look at how you can change your world by using these six key essentials in your day to day lives.

Number One.

Change: Judgement into Observation/Question. What a beautiful statement this is yet how difficult to carry out.

To give advice, question or comment on something, yet not sound judgmental, condescending or self righteous is demanding. For example you may receive help from a friend to correct mismanagement of funds by some committee members but later come to realize that although her intentions were true she had another purpose in mind. By not wishing to be judgmental by discussing her methods of approach you remained quiet.

After the affair was settled and the truth regained you may come to appreciate these words that were given ‘To question someone’s purpose is not to pass judgement on them”. You would have discovered the truth without the speculation had you followed this understanding.

It is a timely reminder for us to remember:

Reason is your greatest tool’.

‘There is a gracious way of doing all thing’.

Remember ‘I am a moving breeze, not a gale of wind’.

You would be wise to remember who you are.

You are LOVE. A child of God.


Be Fully Yourself.

Fully, what does that word mean to life?

To love fully is to fully allow yourself to be fully you.

Put yourself fully to the front. Do not allow others to take from you the fullness in your life.

Often with pain comes the joy of discovering the truth. We all need to be our own expression. We all have the right to say ‘No’ to anything that does not suit us.

We know this to be one of the universal laws.

You are the creator of your own self. The quality of your life is the quality of your own thoughts and desires. You choose. If your desires are to be altogether in a better place, then know you will receive help to achieve this. Explore your own mind, put yourself to the front. This is not meant in a selfish way but to observe with truthfulness the required elements from our core Love, the higher intelligence, to form a better mental position from which we can view and judge.

Apply this rule in your life. Fully take care of yourself first, this will allow you to help others.

Take note when intuition speaks. Permit this conscious communication to guide you. Acknowledge this new application of change and accept what is right for you, in addition to the others that may be affected. Recognize that we alone must be our own creators. Change your thinking. Turn the pain of the past into new strength to be fully free..

The one thing we each have is control over our attitude.

In life we each need to be our own expression of who we are. To create what is best for us. Reason with your self if your life does not suit you.

Do not let fear cause you to remain the victim.

Give yourself a full moment to be still and change your life.


Gumball Thinking.

“Do you believe as God I cannot drag myself into the twenty first century?”

  Gumball Thinking is a presence of mind that begins with fear. When fear strikes, the mind will habitually roll the truth. This causes the mind to take many spins with each thought bouncing off the target of truth. You hit the target but you allow your thoughts to scatter in all directions.

After plummeting onto another track, it uses that track as a pacifier that calms the mind into a false acceptance. This acceptance will soon show its deceitfulness and the game begins again. 

Do not allow yourself to be bogged down by too many priorities that permit your mind to drift in every which way. Hold down an understanding that the end target is where you want to be, aim for it.  You hit the target, then stop.  Do not allow your thoughts to travel further.

Knowing how to THINK and reminding yourself to THINK,

Are ESSENTIAL marks of positive living and higher consciousness.


My Love

God envisioned a world of unique beauty.

His divine creation, an expression of love and harmony.

Today we allow progress to destroy much of God’s dream.

God positioned us in the center of his dream. He gave us an immortal soul, the sense of awareness and the gift of freedom. He entrusted us with the care of the dream he had created for himself and mankind. We share our world with many other living creatures all of which depend on nature to provide for and sustain us.

Respect for creation begins with respect for human life and all of life within. We must resolve that the problem is not simply economic or technological but that we must undergo a radical change of thinking. A change of heart will show us the limits of our actions that take us away from God’s Almighty dream.

With his dream, lies the hope that our children and future generations can share in a world free from degradation and the destruction of nature as we know it today. We must learn to recognize the limits of our power and judgements that drive us away from a healthy planet and race.

My prayer for the future is that we can identify that human supremacy over nature is only an illusion and that nature will reclaim that supremacy if mankind no longer cares about its being. Unloved, nature will defend its right and fight back by simply adapting to its new environment with the result that defies life as we once knew it to be.

In the absence of man, nature will live, yet in the absence of nature, man will die.

God wants to challenge you, excite you and unite you to a better way of life.


Finding God.

How can we all find the one link that will take us on the path of hearing God that lives in each of us, especially in times when we are at our lowest through our own doing or the abuse of others?

What is the one thing people want most? How to find God.

Some people go into hours of meditation and prayer. This message will tell you a simple truth, to hear God is no more than hearing your heart beat.

It is as simple as that.

Feel, imagine the beat of the heart, breath falls in line with the heart beat. You need to lower your breathing tempo down in line with your heart beat. Lower the vibrations. In the stillness of the moment concentrate on your heart beat. In this you will hear, as soon as you can hear, something will hold you to that moment, you have heard God. It is like a lightening strike. God above you below. The connection is instant, a split second, then a clarity of thought, a feeling will be revealed, BUT something will happen.