Hate and Evil.

Lets begin with the meanings and misconceptions of Hate v Evil.

What is HATE?

Hate is a derivative or secondary emotion of fear.

That is correct.  So what is EVIL?

Is there a difference? 

As you know there are only two emotions God gave to man, Love and Fear.

Yet there is a blank space in between.  Many say ‘I Love, or I hate’ as an everyday explanation of how they feel about a certain thing or person.

This has no true meaning yet when a terrorist holds a gun at the head of someone, that is hate, a derivative of fear.  Fear that stems from the thought that their own beliefs are in danger.

That is not evil but a poor deception of their own minds.  They are in turn a victim of their own beliefs.

 So what is EVIL or the blank space?

I have spoken of a space between time.

Well there is a similar space between Love and Fear.  The space in this case is what you might call ‘no man’s land’.  It’s where a spirit cannot fully grasp its own purpose.  It can only love itself in such a way that it becomes impossible to understand love in any other way.

There is no comparison or compassion beyond its own self identity.  In rare cases when hate has been installed into the mind it makes for a lethal combination yet they are two separate attributes towards the same thing.



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