Submission and Domination

Submission comes when the spirit fears its own identity to the point of surrendering to a more dominant spirit. Surrendering to the point of submission can be a very painful thing especially when surrendering to God. Which by the way is not surrendering to God's will, but that's another story. The act of domination comes … Continue reading Submission and Domination

A Time To Pray

A question was asked as to when we pray on behalf of another. Are we interfering in the natural way of life's journey? That is a very interesting question because often the answer can be different according to the circumstances of each individual. Take for instance in the case of someone who is unwell and … Continue reading A Time To Pray

God v Structured Religion

Structured religion will often have an opposite result. It can take you away from God. Unconventional religion however is seen as false. In ancient times Jesus himself was known as unconventional in his teachings. He spoke of a different way of approaching God and his Word. Today structured religion has misinterpreted the true significance of … Continue reading God v Structured Religion