Curator of your own Life.

How can I minimalize my mind and let go of the unwanted stuff that plays over and over again in our minds? The impossible stuff that seems impossible to delete. There is an order in which we can become a mind filled minimalist and strip away what’s keeping us from embracing life without striving for … Continue reading Curator of your own Life.

I Am Unapologetically Me.

Whatever path life walks me through,When all joys elevate me to the heavenly heights,How disappointments make me stronger,To a lonely place pain and sadness drive me,Broken trust and all seems lost,Then in the silence of the night,It’s God’s voice I hear,You are my Chosen One. They know not who you are.It’s only then I recognize,I … Continue reading I Am Unapologetically Me.

Worry is the Lesser of Fear….and Hope is a small word.

To live life in constant worry of what is or what is not, will only achieve for you to believe in a lesser God. A God that does not exist. Hope is another, yet to understand God it is better not to live in Hope, as Jesus knew. He lived knowing that he believed in … Continue reading Worry is the Lesser of Fear….and Hope is a small word.