Love in the present time.

Marriages are made in Heaven!

Is this so?

Why do you believe this must be true, when in truth most marriages today do not go past the beginning of the first steps towards Love?

In Love, there are no rules. That is the truth of the first understanding of Love. Love can not be obtained or maintained from making hard and fast rules.

Love has no requirements. In today’s marriages you create your requirements in a form of a policy filled with promises and vows that are impossible to maintain let alone be fulfilled for the rest of your lives.

The fact that you believe marriages are made in heaven is the greatest untruth of all. Some of the best marriages are not marriages at all.

Does ‘Made in Heaven’ indicate that a man and a woman are destined for each other before birth, or may be the words, ‘What God has joined together, let no man put asunder,’ suggest that God made that choice for you and therefore you must remain together ‘until death do us part.’

So what does it mean, a Marriage Made in Heaven?

A successful marriage is not formed from the wedding ceremony vows or promises.

The marriage of two persons is a union where the conditions provided by each, complements the requirements of harmony and fulfilment. Only then can you claim a marriage ‘Made in Heaven.’

It will never occur to these couples to deceive each other, let alone wish for separation. The harmony and fulfilment which is based on their psychic qualities is always reassured from the start.

Only in the spiritual sense can the marriage ‘Made in Heaven’ mates be truly interpreted.

God plays no part in who you choose to marry.

In the case you do not believe in any kind of God there maybe the belief that you and your intended partner are soul mates. Since destiny plays a part in each of your lives, you will seek to find the one that you are best suited to.

What is a Soul Mate?

A Soul Mate can be a member of the same sex as well as the opposite. A Soul Mate is a person who in destiny, reaches for the same desires and understanding as the other.