Innocent by Perception.

Innocent by perception simply means many things. Two example could be, Jesus broke the laws by unlawfully causing damage in the temple. (John Chpt.2 v13-16.) Yet it was through innocent perception that caused him to react that way. He saw it as an injustice to God and Love. If a loved one is ready through … Continue reading Innocent by Perception.

Worry is the Lesser of Fear….and Hope is a small word.

To live life in constant worry of what is or what is not, will only achieve for you to believe in a lesser God. A God that does not exist. Hope is another, yet to understand God it is better not to live in Hope, as Jesus knew. He lived knowing that he believed in … Continue reading Worry is the Lesser of Fear….and Hope is a small word.

Submission-Yin- Domination-Yang

My subject today is submission and domination a subject close to my heart. Why? Submission comes when the spirit fears its own identity to the point of surrendering to a more dominant spirit. Surrendering to the point of submission can be very painful thing especially when surrendering to God.  Which by the way is not … Continue reading Submission-Yin- Domination-Yang

The Unforgiven.

In God’s world there is no such thing as the Unforgiven.  Can we as a human race ever learn to love unconditionally, without passing judgment or conviction? By  understanding that our core essence is ‘God Love,’ can determine us to love unconditionally. Life and relationships have always held conditions. The best way to discover and … Continue reading The Unforgiven.

The Ultimate Forgiveness.

We are human beings that forget. Our greatest undoing is to forget the love that we are.   Not only do we forget this, we also live in that forgetfulness. To be faced with the ultimate forgiveness can we get past the pain enough to forgive or does the hurt infringe on our willingness to forgive … Continue reading The Ultimate Forgiveness.