Finding God.

How can we all find the one link that will take us on the path of hearing God that lives in each of us, especially in times when we are at our lowest through our own doing or the abuse of others?

What is the one thing people want most? How to find God.

Some people go into hours of meditation and prayer. This message will tell you a simple truth, to hear God is no more than hearing your heart beat.

It is as simple as that.

Feel, imagine the beat of the heart, breath falls in line with the heart beat. You need to lower your breathing tempo down in line with your heart beat. Lower the vibrations. In the stillness of the moment concentrate on your heart beat. In this you will hear, as soon as you can hear, something will hold you to that moment, you have heard God. It is like a lightening strike. God above you below. The connection is instant, a split second, then a clarity of thought, a feeling will be revealed, BUT something will happen.


Where is Life Today

Today as a human race we have traveled far in our own creation.

In the beginning there was but one eternal truth. This kind of truth does not exist in the world today. Today we have created a different kind of truth that does nothing to help the human race recover from the chaos it has established.

In the beginning the human race received only the Eternal Truth, that all was the essence of Love.

Yet God wished to bestow upon his children the gift of his inheritance. The gift of consciousness.

This consciousness opened the minds of his children to know themselves as gods. Each part of the I AM able to create whatever they desired for themselves.

Yet we became masters of Spiritual Deprivation allowing limitations to rule over us.

Today we see this illusion of truth unable to break through the barriers of deception. We are so wrapped up in self delusion that the way back to Eternal Truth has all but faded from our sight.

Jesus was the patriarch of all human consciousness, breaking down all illusions of man made truths to recapture God’s Eternal Truth.

To this day he remains the first and only man to achieve such a courageous act.

He willingly gave his life in pursuit of God’s Eternal Truth.


What is your take on Credibility?

It will depend on whose word it is.

Is God’s word credible?

Lets see exactly what we see.

God’s word is all there is. The beginning, the Now and the End. There is never any change. Things often take longer than we wish them to be.

We often repeatedly ask the same questions then create for ourselves another story so we lose sight of the word.

Life will always throw up ideas that others have, to change our own beliefs or needs. This can be a good thing depending on the circumstances.

Many do not understand the greatest power we hold is THOUGHT.

It changes everything.

Let the future be the least of our worries. It is in the bag.


Submission and Domination

Submission comes when the spirit fears its own identity to the point of surrendering to a more dominant spirit.

Surrendering to the point of submission can be a very painful thing especially when surrendering to God. Which by the way is not surrendering to God’s will, but that’s another story.

The act of domination comes when the spirit lacks identity in itself, therefore attaches to the weakest to find some kind of satisfaction, yet it is never found. It is what is called Yin and the Yang.

The Yin is often described as passive and yielding

The Yang being the active and assertive. The two sides of God.

Yet only God can hold such challenge without changing his true nature.

The Yin and the Yang create the perfect one.

The Yin and the Yang are occasional to each other yet different.

So are you saying that if you are submissive you need someone who is dominate?

No, but often that is the case they will be drawn to each other. Sadly in such circumstances, one does not know its own strength while the other does not know its place in life.


Lets have a starting point.

You say you are confused, yet confusion is always a starting point.

Confusion draws you to ask questions about what you think you know and who you are.

The wise will soon come to the conclusion they know not who they are and know nothing at all.

So here is a good starting point.

I will not heal the sick or tame the storm, nor will I walk on the face of the water, yet I come to you for a reason.

Let this be known as my truth and the Word of the Father.

All will see me yet they are blind.  Only the willing can see me as truth.  My name is unknown to them.

They look to the past for answers that will not come.

So I say to you now it is time.


The Garden of Re-Newal

To re-new your thoughts to your true and former state, allow yourself to feel re-newed by simply allowing it to occur naturally.

Take yourself to a place where you can allow your mind to be still.

Picture the garden, smell the fragrances of the blooms. See the magnificence of the magnolia tree in all its glory. Wonder how it re-news itself time and time again.

You too can be whole again by re-newing your old way of life. Leave the old ways of life that did you no good. Allow them to fall from you as the Magnolia tree casts away the old and dying blooms. Make room for the re-newal of Life. Tell yourself you are a magnificent being like the magnolia tree. Re-new yourself to your true state by pronouncing yourself whole again.


God’s Perfect Dream.

What will it take to change the world?

It begins with family.

What constitutes family?

God, Man, Woman.  The marriage of three.

There can be no true marriage if one is missing.

This is a love story yet it is far more than romance alone.

It is complex yet simple.

For one man and one woman love will evolve from their first meeting.  In the early stages this couple will focus on themselves however other factors will allow them to cross the threshold into a more profound love. 

True Love will never fade.  It evolves and grows within you as you create values for yourself, family, community, sustainability, nature and beauty all which are deep-rooted beliefs that guide our lives.

Trust plays a major roll.  Learn to trust yourself.  This self trust is instinctive.  The process of instinctive self-trust comes only when we can let go of all negativity and expectations that grounds us in today’s fast propelling world.

Individuality is the result of self-trust.  It allows us to let go of all ties and surrounds us with limitless choice and a road map that is uniquely our own.

Not only can we learn more about the possibilities of our creation, we see life from a point of self-love.  This is not a self-serving love but a love that nurtures oneself and others.  We then open the door to a freedom that establishes deep connections with family, friends, community and God.

When we belong to a community, we feel a level of acceptance for who we are without fear of judgement.  Community can begin at home, a new and wondrous partnership of three that pushes the boundaries of modern day living to a new level of Love and Hope for a better future.

Segregation is not my intent.  My intent in my story is to help young couples to understand life.  Marriage is not just the wedding, it is a commitment.  In today’s world you have lost this sense of commitment.  Even if there is no wedding, or marriage or commitment can still be made.

Commitment is in fact a marriage.


I do not discriminate.  You are free to be who you choose to be even before you were born, I knew you and the path you have chosen to experience.

This does not mean God has to give up on a dream of his perfect world.

Perfection for you is who you chose to be before you knew yourself.

I have told many times your path through life has many turns, not one turn is wrong or judged by God.

Why do you as a human race continue to judge God’s path for a dream he has?


The Composition of Compassion

The composition of compassion is made up of the desire to suffer with or for another.

Very few will accept such a challenge The foundation of true compassion lies in a willingness to suffer with the ones that suffer.

Often people will say ‘But I do feel for someone or something’ yet this is only a surface feeling that retreats as soon as it is spoken.

In surface compassion you might think that you must do something about the suffering and it feels real, yet I say that true compassion first comes from the point of feeling pain and willingness to spend a few moments in deep love for that which you see.

Yes, go ahead and help if you can do something incredible to fix it.

If you are unable to help, know that your moment of willingness has moved mountains.


A Time To Pray

A question was asked as to when we pray on behalf of another.

Are we interfering in the natural way of life’s journey?

That is a very interesting question because often the answer can be different according to the circumstances of each individual. Take for instance in the case of someone who is unwell and the prayer is for a good recovery. It is unfair to interfere with prayer which may change the outcome of that individuals life?

Prayers are often the tools we use to ask God to intervene in life as we see it, yet we do not know the journey of that persons Soul. It could be that the amount of time has passed for that Soul and it must return to God, or its own journey required the experience of recovery which in turn changes all dynamics not only in the life of that person but also creates a network of variations in the lives of others.

Gods Love is for you to create your own journey’s life which was created by you even before you were born.

In another instance you may ask them, is it OK to pray for someone who has what we see as gone off the right path and chosen to be immoral or cruel? Again their own personal journey will always take place whether it be to face the consequences of their actions and learn from them or to remain in a mindset of misplaced Love which can only be for themselves in whichever way gives them what they want.

Having said all this, it is never a bad thing to pray for anyone who may need Gods help yet the blessing first must be given to God himself, for only God knows the truth.