A Time To Pray

A question was asked as to when we pray on behalf of another.

Are we interfering in the natural way of life’s journey?

That is a very interesting question because often the answer can be different according to the circumstances of each individual. Take for instance in the case of someone who is unwell and the prayer is for a good recovery. It is unfair to interfere with prayer which may change the outcome of that individuals life?

Prayers are often the tools we use to ask God to intervene in life as we see it, yet we do not know the journey of that persons Soul. It could be that the amount of time has passed for that Soul and it must return to God, or its own journey required the experience of recovery which in turn changes all dynamics not only in the life of that person but also creates a network of variations in the lives of others.

Gods Love is for you to create your own journey’s life which was created by you even before you were born.

In another instance you may ask them, is it OK to pray for someone who has what we see as gone off the right path and chosen to be immoral or cruel? Again their own personal journey will always take place whether it be to face the consequences of their actions and learn from them or to remain in a mindset of misplaced Love which can only be for themselves in whichever way gives them what they want.

Having said all this, it is never a bad thing to pray for anyone who may need Gods help yet the blessing first must be given to God himself, for only God knows the truth.


The Simplicity of Wisdom

True Spiritual Wisdom takes more than one lifetime to achieve, but we are not dealing with that higher kind of wisdom.

For the sake of those who will read what we have to say, it tells of the kind of wisdom that helps you through everyday life.

It is the basic understanding that Love is all there is.

To obtain everyday wisdom is to listen to the heart before entering into any kind of choice, from the simplest of decisions to those that will impact others.

Simply allow yourself to practice this daily and in a short time it will become the given thing.

The Getting of Wisdom is realizing you do not have it. Wisdom is not obtained through experience alone but through an adjustment from lateral thinking to a consciousness of being.

A wise saying “He who thinks he holds wisdom only holds the thought of it.”

Silence is often a friend to wisdom.


God v Structured Religion

Structured religion will often have an opposite result. It can take you away from God.

Unconventional religion however is seen as false. In ancient times Jesus himself was known as unconventional in his teachings. He spoke of a different way of approaching God and his Word.

Today structured religion has misinterpreted the true significance of his words which have become lost in translation and meaning. It is better to find God in your own self awareness than to continue to focus on the many rituals that may have made the church to be of greater consequence than the True Word.

Only through human consciousness will we find a true reunion with God.

This new approach to finding God will shake the very foundations of todays churches. It is a challenging concept but only here can we separate ourselves from the chains of the past and live again in a new and fulfilling way.


Love has no opposite.

Love has no opposite, only an alternative.

Without an alternative, Love holds no meaning for it cannot show itself above all.

For Love cannot show its DIVINITY without an alternative.

The gift of Love v Fear are the elements of choice. Emotions are the manifestations of either

Love or Fear.

Love – Fear


These are the very bases of Life. Each will respond to the will of the mind.

Choice cannot be without the root elements of Love and Fear.

Together Love and Fear make up the controlled mind. Each gift will bring about any choice that the mind will make.


God v Fantasy

Religion has become the greatest fantasy ever created by man.

Such is the fantasy, it can not prepare the human mind to come close to understanding the truth about God, which in truth makes God, man’s biggest mystery, when in fact it is simplicity unfolded.

In religions of all kinds, man has created many beliefs and fantasies around what he believes God wants or needs.

None of which relate to the truth of God’s word.

As it has been said before, truth is only a perception held by the believer. None of which stands up to Gods word which begs the question,

“What is Gods Word?”

The answer is simple.

Love God

Love each other.

Love life as it has already been given.

If only you could understand the greatness in those three small statements there would be, No Hate, No Class Distinction, And greatest of all No Fear.

There is no holding back from God on your dreams and aspirations.

Enjoy all you have been given with all the gusto within you.


The truth about truth

Truth, is the way it is perceived by whoever holds that truth, in that you could say there is no real truth but only ones perception of how it is perceived.

An untruth which is known to be a lie is not a perception of the truth but an injustice towards another.

If an untruth is told and then retracted it becomes a confession.

In many situations there is often a way of telling the truth without being entirely honest, by simply applying the use of semantics, a play on words.

The only real truth is the word of God.


Change the World

These lessons of Love are inspirations given to all humanity by God.

In a world where we are influenced by conflicting choices, we find ourselves drawn towards one choice or another. At times the choice to follow the heart is all that becomes prevalent. Yet many time throughout life we are drawn by another force that leads us to a path fueled by fear.

It is on this path that we can CHANGE THE WORLD and stop the human race from becoming BABIES IN THE GUTTER.


The Simplicity of Love.

These lessons given in Love, are inspirations given to all humanity by God.

In a world where we are influenced by conflicting choices, we find ourselves drawn towards one choice or another.

At times the choice to follow the heart is all that becomes prevalent, yet many times throughout life we are drawn by another force that leads us to a path fuelled by fear.

It is in this path of fear that we can CHANGE THE WORLD and stop the human race from becoming BABIES IN THE GUTTER.

How can a path of fear possibly change the world?


In Love any thought or act is perfection. It is the all of all there is. Love gives you strength, hope, joy, peace and courage, where as, fear does not hold the same simplicity as Love. You are entering another world.

The age of fear is unlimited in time created through God’s Love as the gift of Love. Fear has no real power over you, it simply unravels the mind to a belief that the path of fear is all we have.

The passing of time often creates a greater admission for a more fear filled world in as much as the world today, holds greater opportunities to create as well as destroy.

With each generation, this field opens up at an alarming rate. Today we must today take a step back and return to the basic truths of life.

Why is fear a gift from God?

All of man’s downfalls and misbeliefs are created from fear, yet fear is also an alarm signal that warns us against pending danger.

This natural sense is not primarily man’s gift but given to all creatures.

Hate at its worst is said to be evil. Evil can not exist without fear.

This does not make fear the opposite of Love, for Love has no opposite.

Fear is an alternative to Love.

Every day we make choices of what best suits us.

It’s the choices made from the heart, that creates, defines and shapes our lives.

Through God’s gift of choice we create Who we are. A child of God or a Baby in the Gutter.

Some Gift.



One Step At A Time

Every hard earned message feels like a winning goal because you will remember what such a lesson has cost. It will make you infinitely more passionate to continue with this day to day journey. Often the pain and then the joy of winning.

Mostly the defeated times will be the one’s that bring the most clarity. Empowered and motivated to pursue another day.

Each message communicates to the Soul, all that is Love in a world that can leave you feeling overwhelmed with its pace and noise, its chaos and expectations.

Take a step back. It brings a certain calm from the swirling tornado of life today.

Make this your story. The moment you step back, you make that subtle mindset shift. All of a sudden you are set into motion to change the world.

One Step At A Time.


To have reach this far,that is to have read this message, I would you say you are, or at least curious to know the next step.