The Unforgiven.

In God’s world there is no such thing as the Unforgiven.

 Can we as a human race ever learn to love unconditionally, without passing judgment or conviction?

By  understanding that our core essence is ‘God Love,’ can determine us to love unconditionally. Life and relationships have always held conditions. The best way to discover and prove that unconditional love exists in you, is true forgiveness.

We often say the words, ‘I will never forgive you for what you have done or said.’ This common expression is used many times.

Do we believe that this human unforgiveness is also a practice carried out by God?

 Have we then created a God in our own image?

Since we cannot see the benefits of total forgiveness do we believe that God cannot see it also?

 Do we then need to ask God to forgive our humanness?

 What use is it to God?

 Why do we need to pay penances for our human misgivings?

If all this is not necessary in God’s world, was Jesus quoted as saying “Father forgive them they know not what they are doing?”  Luke Chpt. 23v34.

Today we know that his words were often misread in translation. His words were, “The Father hath forgiven them for they know not what they do.”

You are a race so obsessed with sin that you can not see the truth.

You see, you are my children.  You are on this earth to experience all things by your own choice, a gift which I have given to you, therefore how can I say to you that you have sinned against me for a choice in which you were given in love? My preference to you is that your choice be made with the love in which it was given.

I say to you that in all of my truth, you have ‘sinned’ only against each other and the laws of your land.

If God were to give you a choice that held conditions only then would I say to you, that asking God to forgive you had some kind of use. God’s unconditional love and his gift of freewill eliminates his need for your forgiveness.

Yet to ask for forgiveness is a gift you give back to God.