Gumball Thinking.

“Do you believe as God I cannot drag myself into the twenty first century?”

  Gumball Thinking is a presence of mind that begins with fear. When fear strikes, the mind will habitually roll the truth. This causes the mind to take many spins with each thought bouncing off the target of truth. You hit the target but you allow your thoughts to scatter in all directions.

After plummeting onto another track, it uses that track as a pacifier that calms the mind into a false acceptance. This acceptance will soon show its deceitfulness and the game begins again. 

Do not allow yourself to be bogged down by too many priorities that permit your mind to drift in every which way. Hold down an understanding that the end target is where you want to be, aim for it.  You hit the target, then stop.  Do not allow your thoughts to travel further.

Knowing how to THINK and reminding yourself to THINK,

Are ESSENTIAL marks of positive living and higher consciousness.