God v Fantasy

Religion has become the greatest fantasy ever created by man.

Such is the fantasy, it can not prepare the human mind to come close to understanding the truth about God, which in truth makes God, man’s biggest mystery, when in fact it is simplicity unfolded.

In religions of all kinds, man has created many beliefs and fantasies around what he believes God wants or needs.

None of which relate to the truth of God’s word.

As it has been said before, truth is only a perception held by the believer. None of which stands up to Gods word which begs the question,

“What is God’s Word?”

The answer is simple.

Love God

Love each other.

Love life as it has already been given.

If only you could understand the greatness in those three small statements there would be, No Hate, No Class Distinction, And greatest of all No Fear.

There is no holding back from God on your dreams and aspirations.

Enjoy all you have been given with all the gusto within you.