God’s Perfect Dream.

What will it take to change the world?

It begins with family.

What constitutes family?

The marriage of three. God always to be included.

There can be no true marriage if one is missing.

This is a love story yet it is far more than romance alone.

It is complex yet simple.

In the early stages this couple will focus on themselves however other factors will allow them to cross the threshold into a more profound love. 

True Love will never fade.  It evolves and grows within you as you create values for yourself, family, community, sustainability, nature and beauty all which are deep-rooted beliefs that guide our lives.

Trust plays a major roll.  Learn to trust yourself.  This self trust is instinctive.  The process of instinctive self-trust comes only when we can let go of all negativity and expectations that grounds us in today’s fast propelling world.

Individuality is the result of self-trust.  It allows us to let go of all ties and surrounds us with limitless choice and a road map that is uniquely our own.

Not only can we learn more about the possibilities of our creation, we see life from a point of self-love.  This is not a self-serving love but a love that nurtures oneself and others.  We then open the door to a freedom that establishes deep connections with family, friends, community and God.

When we belong to a community, we feel a level of acceptance for who we are without fear of judgement.  Community can begin at home, a new and wondrous partnership of three that pushes the boundaries of modern day living to a new level of Love and Hope for a better future.

Segregation is not my intent.  My intent in my story is to help young couples to understand life.  Marriage is not just the wedding, it is a commitment.  In today’s world you have lost this sense of commitment.  Even if there is no wedding, or marriage, commitment can still be made.

Commitment is in fact a marriage.


I do not discriminate.  You are free to be who you choose to be even before you were born, I knew you and the path you have chosen to experience.

This does not mean God has to give up on a dream of his perfect world.

Perfection for you is who you chose to be before you knew yourself.

I have told you many times your path through life has many turns, not one turn is wrong or judged by God.

Why do you as a human race continue to judge God’s path for a dream he has?