Submission and Domination

Submission comes when the spirit fears its own identity to the point of surrendering to a more dominant spirit.

Surrendering to the point of submission can be a very painful thing especially when surrendering to God. Which by the way is not surrendering to God’s will, but that’s another story.

The act of domination comes when the spirit lacks identity in itself, therefore attaches to the weakest to find some kind of satisfaction, yet it is never found. It is what is called Yin and the Yang.

The Yin is often described as passive and yielding

The Yang being the active and assertive. The two sides of God.

Yet only God can hold such challenge without changing his true nature.

The Yin and the Yang create the perfect one.

The Yin and the Yang are occasional to each other yet different.

So are you saying that if you are submissive you need someone who is dominate?

No, but often that is the case they will be drawn to each other. Sadly in such circumstances, one does not know its own strength while the other does not know its place in life.