Worry is the Lesser of Fear….and Hope is a small word.

To live life in constant worry of what is or what is not, will only achieve for you to believe in a lesser God.

A God that does not exist.

Hope is another, yet to understand God it is better not to live in Hope, as Jesus knew. He lived knowing that he believed in God who would take care of all things.

Hope is twofold. Negative, one step above Fear e.g. someone hoping and praying this way and that, but it is not always our place to call the shots in that, what we want, is the best outcome. Maybe the patient or victim wants another outcome, or knows it is all over.

Another Hope is positive. You know it will happen e.g. the death of an old friend but do not know when.

Todays Physiology, Biology and Theology are in truth religions as each seeks to find the truth about Life and God.

The problem arises when the truth seems too simple and another explanation must be found. Todays truth is a festering hole you continue to feed with your need for something other than what it is. Lets hope for the sake of truth to keep our story simple.

So back to Hope again. As said before Hope is twofold. There is a variance in understanding. Hope is as you make it, with doubt, or True Hope which in turn becomes True Faith.

Hope is a small word with a huge variance. Also the variance of its success as True Hope belongs to True Happenings and Happiness for the person asking for it.