A Love Story.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Thus the heavens and the earth were completed in all their vast array. God saw all that he had made, and thus made good.

This tale is of Love between God and the Earth. Although it is a tale it holds the truth.

Over a number of years ruminating on the distinctive characteristics of her God and his longing for a peaceful and loving world, she suspects it was this growing awareness of her yearning and curiosity that lead her back to reconnecting with her God.
Watching her best laid plans fade away, while unexpected twists and turns took her to a place of change so inspirational, with an inner need to find the roots of an ancient truth.
It began with a greeting and a promise of Love to come.

She looked back into the fascinating ancient beginning of times past.
A chronicle of world history and religions which are many.
She polished the mirror of her soul in pursuit of its very beginning.
Beyond the transportation into fantasy, her dreams have served as a vehicle through which she channelled the conscious and subconscious, breaking through the silence of her pain.
Her yearning for release of world oppression in an ever changing world, where threads of history vibrate to the ancient assurance of his Love.
To dream of freedom from the conquests that life demands and a passageway to peace.
She lingers like a silken cloud above the velvet darkness.

His Love follows her, yet cannot be perceived.
The serpent beckons at her feet,
She sees the face of evil, yet her passion never dies.
Her dreams are surreal, powerful and elusive.
They take her to a place unknown where darkness lingers,
in the midst of all she once knew.
Times have changed, her dreams of Love have faded
in the past yet she remains the innocent child.
The earth no longer holds its praise, ‘What time have I?’ it cries to her.
The silent echoes of love pierce her heart, she is no longer a willing slave to life.
Her broken heart cries out to him, ’I’m here to learn again.’
‘Remember me’ he whispers, ‘I’m here to win your heart.’
Why do you wait for me to remind you,
of the answers to your day dreams of love, peace and liberation?
I gave you my divinity. My ancient truth is everlasting,
my sweet love lives within your heart and Soul.
Open your eyes and see today the earth you have created with your own indulgent self.
My love is a stranger to you, yet I am not invisible to your heart,
no matter how you choose to turn from me.
My love is more addictive than any drug.
You fear it, for once savored your heart belongs to me.
I am jealous by nature, your love is all I need, still I will not coerce you.
My love, like a new religion will bring you to your knees. Still you stumble in confusion.
Even now you do not know you are my treasured ones.

The Lion roars beyond the starry skies.
I called you to my heart when our Love was young. I made you a promise that time would not tear us apart.
I told you of all the joyful things to come,
When peace and Love will reign throughout the earth.
A time when you will see the face of God in everyone you meet.
I have a Love more passionate than any human Love.
My breath, like a summer breeze will blow away your fears.
From Heaven, my fragrant rains will wash away your doubt.
My Love alone will heal your broken earth.
The bride and groom walk hand in hand once more.
Love restored.
You do remember me.