Off the Cross.

Christanity loves the cross as a symbol.

We must tell the truth about God. He was the Son, the Messenger, but we keep God up on the cross ourselves with our feeling of pain, fear, jealousy and hate for ourselves and each other. As soon as we learn to love and understand each other the cross will vanish. God on the cross is a reflection of ourselves weeping.

Believe what I am saying. Ponder it. We need to take him off the cross.

We as humanity need to spread the word.

Imagine a circle. God is in the circle and holding our hands to make a big circle. See him as part of your circle. Don’t picture him up on the cross. Picture him with a child and create a happy environment.

Love rules, not pain and fear. Do not be submissive and down trodden. Learn to live in balance. Truth and love.

Stand fast to the truth. Otherwise we are putting ourselves up on the cross with our wretched behaviour to one another.

We are born in God’s perfection.


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