Road Map for Life.

Temptation is always in our way, yet when we have a clear view of what we value, we can begin to create a road-map that will guide us through life.
We are surrounded by countless choices and a constant stream of ideas. Often our best laid plans will stray from our intentions.
We must learn to trust ourselves and not put too much focus on thoughts and opinions of others as this leaves us little room for serendipity or those joyful accidents that come our way.

When we understand life as an ever evolving process of mistakes and triumphs, there is nothing left to fear but to embark on a life long journey that enhances our lives.
Once we have accepted who we are and value ourselves it makes us feel less apt to compete with someone else’s opinions.

The most joyful part of this story is the truth that it tells.
You will always meet those who will try to enforce upon you something that sounds sincere yet is far from the truth.
When I say joyful, it is in the knowledge of your own self-awareness that you can accept in others, that their opinions cannot encroach on the natural order of your life, which leaves you to focus on your own full potential and truth.