The Power of ‘Self’ Consciousness.

 One of the greatest attributes given to man is the power of thought. We do not comprehend the power behind this ability. The consciousness of ‘Self’ can take us to a deeper level of thinking. This can easily be achieved by stillness. Enter into a silent contemplation by calming down your breathing into unhurried, deeper breaths. Once this is achieved, look into your mind’s eye and allow the energy of thought to enter. With a clear mind you can attain a transparent vision of your thoughts.

This exercise when practiced can bring much forward into your own clarity and consciousness.   

The consciousness is a mental activity that we are all aware of, and can gain power over. Although it cannot be describe in terms of anatomy, we can say it is the small part of the iceberg that sits above the surface. It is the part of our character that makes us aware of what we are doing. In contrast, the unconscious operates beyond the level of conscious thought containing all material not available in the immediate awareness.

Consciousness is the internal recognition of right and wrong as regards to our actions and motives.

 The spirit is like a benevolent stranger that works towards the higher wisdom transferring only the mature knowledge into our consciousness.

Intuition is a sense of consciousness, clarity is another, to see things as they are and not as they seem. Detached from any image of what might be, you become your own creator.

When asked for advice on the differences between the objective and the subjective workings of the mind God explained. “The objective mind is reasonable will, while the subjective mind is instinctive desire.

The objective mind will reason towards something aimed for, a goal, or a life’s dream. The subjective mind is open to change and the suggestion from heights of unrestrained anger, selfishness, fear, and greed, which will tear you away from any set plan.

The subjective mind perceives all by intuition, its processes are rapid. It does not wait for objective reasoning.

The subjective mind can change conditions because it is a part of the universal mind and is the same as the creative power that lives within each of you.

This power is governed by the Law of God, which is the Law of Love in creation, which automatically correlates with you to bring all things to manifestation.

Although life is subjective, destiny is not, for many paths of change during a lifetime, will ultimately bring you to your true destiny. We experience our journey through life with both objectivity and subjectivity.

 We are mere shadows of our true strength.  Our ability to create a meaningful life lives within each of us.

Knowing is not open to interpretation. We may try to interpret the meaning, but this is always open to error because it refers only to our own interpretation of the meaning.

Perception is partial awareness therefore partial awareness becomes a part of our perception. Knowledge however transcends the laws governing perception, because partial knowledge is impossible.

 The words “God created man in his own image and likeness,” needs reinterpretation. ‘Image’ can be understood as ‘Thought’ and ‘Likeness’ as ‘Of a like quality.’

You do not need to search for this spiritual gift of likeness for it is already yours, yet you need to understand it, infuse yourself with it, use it so that you can move forward towards your goals and dreams.”

God needs a happy learner.  If we are steadfast in our misery we need to first recognize the fact we have learnt to be miserable. Misery is not a God given gift, Happiness is. Misery is born of pain and fear. Fear arises from a lack of love while happiness is delivered through love and peace. The only remedy for misery is to be free from the cause. Sacrifice is a notion known only to man.

 The true recognition of the ways of God can never grow out of acquired blind faith. Only convinced knowledge can bring supreme happiness, within the living language God speaks to you in creation.  Imagine you have never learned a language, how would you know what is expected of you? Faced with one difficulty after another you would fall into despair and misery.

If you are to amount to anything you must personally learn the language, otherwise you remain a hindrance to yourself and others. Likewise you must learn to know the language of God.