LOVE is who you are.

To create the power of Love you must learn to love yourself, which in turn will teach you to Love all things God has created for the simple joy of giving Love to all things. Get that in your heart, not in your mind, and BE who you should be, and not who you think you should BE, THE VICTIM for all time.
Love is all. Love is above all. You cannot create love but love can create all things.
We must give love to receive love. Love is reciprocal.
Love in all its Essence.
What is within us?
You cannot hear it, touch it.
Love is invisible.
It cannot be contained, it cannot be gained.
Love’s strength is in its weakness. It humbly surrenders.
Riches will not bring it to you. Riches is not its gain.
It cannot be destroyed.
Love will allow freedom – never control.
Love is the elixir of life. Love in a bottle.
Can you search for Love? Love finds itself.
Freedom is its joy to give,
Its pleasure and its pain.
Neither hot or cold,
Yet its warmth is felt.
Love will stand for all time.


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