‘The How’ is the Key.

“The one question you seek most is not the ‘When’ but ‘How’.

‘How’ should be the most asked question by mankind. The ‘When’, you can decide upon, but the ‘How’, is the key to all things. The key to life is to know yourself as nothing then work to create ‘Who’ you want to be. The instant you know yourself as nothing you begin to discover all that has been given. In nothing you look for nothing except what is already there. The past still exists; the future before you already exists. ”

‘How’ to take from life all that as been given?

In every moment there is an opportunity to recreate each day at a time. From nothing you embark on another experience.
To create with reverence and vibrant intention becomes a relationship you withhold in your wisdom.
When we looked back on our journey we identify the necessity of each experience that brought wisdom into our reality.
If you focus your worth on the assumptions of others you can not become compassionate with yourself. The dependency for approval from those you consider to be better or more informed will distance you from your own foundation.
No challenge to human kind is greater than re-creation. Knowing that your future already exists, you no longer fear the ridicule of others. You feel adequate, for you are fulfilling your own unique task.

When considered, the joy, the pain, the confusion and awareness which has made up our journey so far, we award ourselves with the presence of knowing God in a way we would never have believed possible.
His time with us can not be measured yet is outweighed only by His truth.