Where is Life Today

Today as a human race we have traveled far in our own creation.

In the beginning there was but one eternal truth. This kind of truth does not exist in the world today. Today we have created a different kind of truth that does nothing to help the human race recover from the chaos it has established.

In the beginning the human race received only the Eternal Truth, that all was the essence of Love.

Yet God wished to bestow upon his children the gift of his inheritance. The gift of consciousness.

This consciousness opened the minds of his children to know themselves as gods. Each part of the I AM able to create whatever they desired for themselves.

Yet we became masters of Spiritual Deprivation allowing limitations to rule over us.

Today we see this illusion of truth unable to break through the barriers of deception. We are so wrapped up in self delusion that the way back to Eternal Truth has all but faded from our sight.

Jesus was the patriarch of all human consciousness, breaking down all illusions of man made truths to recapture God’s Eternal Truth.

To this day he remains the first and only man to achieve such a courageous act.

He willingly gave his life in pursuit of God’s Eternal Truth.