Finding God.

How can we all find the one link that will take us on the path of hearing God that lives in each of us, especially in times when we are at our lowest through our own doing or the abuse of others?

What is the one thing people want most? How to find God.

Some people go into hours of meditation and prayer. This message will tell you a simple truth, to hear God is no more than hearing your heart beat.

It is as simple as that.

Feel, imagine the beat of the heart, breath falls in line with the heart beat. You need to lower your breathing tempo down in line with your heart beat. Lower the vibrations. In the stillness of the moment concentrate on your heart beat. In this you will hear, as soon as you can hear, something will hold you to that moment, you have heard God. It is like a lightening strike. God above you below. The connection is instant, a split second, then a clarity of thought, a feeling will be revealed, BUT something will happen.