My Love

God envisioned a world of unique beauty.

His divine creation, an expression of love and harmony.

Today we allow progress to destroy much of God’s dream.

God positioned us in the center of his dream. He gave us an immortal soul, the sense of awareness and the gift of freedom. He entrusted us with the care of the dream he had created for himself and mankind. We share our world with many other living creatures all of which depend on nature to provide for and sustain us.

Respect for creation begins with respect for human life and all of life within. We must resolve that the problem is not simply economic or technological but that we must undergo a radical change of thinking. A change of heart will show us the limits of our actions that take us away from God’s Almighty dream.

With his dream, lies the hope that our children and future generations can share in a world free from degradation and the destruction of nature as we know it today. We must learn to recognize the limits of our power and judgements that drive us away from a healthy planet and race.

My prayer for the future is that we can identify that human supremacy over nature is only an illusion and that nature will reclaim that supremacy if mankind no longer cares about its being. Unloved, nature will defend its right and fight back by simply adapting to its new environment with the result that defies life as we once knew it to be.

In the absence of man, nature will live, yet in the absence of nature, man will die.

God wants to challenge you, excite you and unite you to a better way of life.