Be Fully Yourself.

Fully, what does that word mean to life?

To love fully is to fully allow yourself to be fully you.

Put yourself fully to the front. Do not allow others to take from you the fullness in your life.

Often with pain comes the joy of discovering the truth. We all need to be our own expression. We all have the right to say ‘No’ to anything that does not suit us.

We know this to be one of the universal laws.

You are the creator of your own self. The quality of your life is the quality of your own thoughts and desires. You choose. If your desires are to be altogether in a better place, then know you will receive help to achieve this. Explore your own mind, put yourself to the front. This is not meant in a selfish way but to observe with truthfulness the required elements from our core Love, the higher intelligence, to form a better mental position from which we can view and judge.

Apply this rule in your life. Fully take care of yourself first, this will allow you to help others.

Take note when intuition speaks. Permit this conscious communication to guide you. Acknowledge this new application of change and accept what is right for you, in addition to the others that may be affected. Recognize that we alone must be our own creators. Change your thinking. Turn the pain of the past into new strength to be fully free..

The one thing we each have is control over our attitude.

In life we each need to be our own expression of who we are. To create what is best for us. Reason with your self if your life does not suit you.

Do not let fear cause you to remain the victim.

Give yourself a full moment to be still and change your life.