Change Your World.

In life we need to be our own expression of who we are. To create what is best for us.

Reason with yourself if life does not suit you. Do not let fear cause you to remain the victim. Give yourself a full moment to be still and change your life.

What kind of changes are you willing to instigate? I have these suggestions for you to try from this moment on.

Look at how you can change your world by using these six key essentials in your day to day lives.

Number One.

Change: Judgement into Observation/Question. What a beautiful statement this is yet how difficult to carry out.

To give advice, question or comment on something, yet not sound judgmental, condescending or self righteous is demanding. For example you may receive help from a friend to correct mismanagement of funds by some committee members but later come to realize that although her intentions were true she had another purpose in mind. By not wishing to be judgmental by discussing her methods of approach you remained quiet.

After the affair was settled and the truth regained you may come to appreciate these words that were given ‘To question someone’s purpose is not to pass judgement on them”. You would have discovered the truth without the speculation had you followed this understanding.

It is a timely reminder for us to remember:

Reason is your greatest tool’.

‘There is a gracious way of doing all thing’.

Remember ‘I am a moving breeze, not a gale of wind’.

You would be wise to remember who you are.

You are LOVE. A child of God.