Only in Forgiveness.

Only in forgiveness to others can you completely forgive yourself.

To ask for forgiveness can be as difficult as it is to give.

To say ‘Forgive me, I will not do this again’ can for some, be a task that requires a great deal of resolution and comes at a cost to their pride. The words may be spoken and the pride hurt but if said purely out of the desire to regain the confidence of the one you have harmed then it becomes a deceitful waste of time.  The words are simply squandered away to the breeze.

Who are we compromising, ourselves or the other person when there is no truth to the claims we have made?

Within ourselves we have played a game that we believe will allow us more scope to deceive again. This way of living only gives us enough space for a short time before the ones we have harmed, understand the weakness of our ways.

The greatest task of man is to discover the one law of God, that Love is all there is.

 God is uncompromising but forever unconditionally forgiving. Our confused ideas and often ignorance in the belief that we must forgive and forgive again for the same wrong that has been done to us is not a God-thought. It is far better to forgive and walk away than to allow yourself to be compromised by that person again.

During a wild panic, the heights of anger or unrestrained passion, conditions are the most dangerous for us to say or do a thing that could harm another. In such conditions the harm is often a reaction that comes from a moment of unguarded thinking. Forgiveness, from within means the ability to allow the God-thought to take charge and to bring to the front, the essentials necessary for true forgiveness.

To say ‘Forgive me’ in truth to someone we have in some way harmed will bring into our lives the possibility of having a better understanding of who we are. In this we will grow in the knowledge that other paths are open to us.  We can move away from our mistakes to begin again.

Can there be any tangible evidence to ‘An act of forgiveness?’

 The tangible evidence is brought about by the feeling the change has created in you. Feel the new and harmonious development that the God-thought brings out in you.

  You have come to a point of utmost significance. You have chosen to expand your own God-power and deliberately exercise this special faculty to give radiant form over the negative nature of your thoughts.