Disappointment into Detachment.

Part 2.

Look at how you can change YOUR world by using these six key essentials in your day to day lives.

Change: Disappointment into Detachment.

This change alone can save you much pain.

You can feel disappointment over someone’s actions, you cannot feel disappointment through someone’s actions. Also remember you cannot shame another. You shame yourself. You cannot give or take the shame of another. Once again it is disappointment you feel.

Change: Reaction into Response.

Respond and move forward. A word of advice. Be sure not to retract to any former way of thinking.

Change: Obsession into Preference.

To want something or someone to the point of obsession will never bring about a good result. It is far wiser to know what you truly want and have it as your preference rather than linger with obsessive thoughts and actions only to receive a little of what you want.

Change: Uncertainty into Hope.

When uncertainty invades us, we become overwrought and flooded with suggestions that promote an instance that may never come about. This can determine a confused state of mind. It is better to put into seclusion this trail of thought and possess a more lasting and gratifying theory on an outcome that is unknown.

Hope will draw us back to a fresh belief that all will be well.

Change: Fear into Calm.

There are many definitions to the word fear. It may mean a sense of impending danger or the apprehension of health and wellbeing. Fear can also mean the emotion of pain and anxiety over a coming event. In every case there is an outlet. To reverse fear into calm tranquility takes much practice but is never impossible. Reason again becomes the secret. It places fear into recession, unbending the mind from panic.

The words above will be invaluable and give you a great sense of being able to handle many situation in life.