Think, Say and Do.

When you find you are in the constant pressure of something or someone that is diverse from your own being, you find no alternative but to try to defend your own way, in order to make sense of the situation.

This situation came up in a family setting where a person was making racist and cruel remarks about someone they were both watching on TV.

Sadly, when the opposing side cannot see the damaging side of their ways and it continues over time, here becomes the inevitable, when the wounded becomes equal to what once they thought to amend. You become involved in a heated nasty, hasty exchange of words. So you find yourself not being able to find a suitable answer. At this stage you may feel overwhelmed and unable to say much as your thoughts go into a very angry state of affairs and unable to counteract the offending words. It makes you think how someone might become furious as to harm another.

Was it over thinking this but the situation needed to be understood? You may decide at this stage to keep your thoughts under control and say very little.

How to maintain your own self without over time falling into such a trap. Is Love the answer when to the other it is seen as weak and you are handed over for more ridicule? Is silence truly the answer or does it open it up for more oppression?

Surely the root cause of this is seen only through a greater understanding that is unattainable to most. Our hearts fails to understand oppression of all degrees yet there must be an answer before more hearts are broken or victims become one with the oppressor.

If something disturbs you enough, walk away and know that the most important thing is you, what you think, say or do. It takes only a moment to be fully yourself. Tell the other person ‘What you say, think or do does not serve me.’

Declaring yourself against abuse takes but a single moment of truth and time.


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