Curator of your own Life.

How can I minimalize my mind and let go of the unwanted stuff that plays over and over again in our minds?

The impossible stuff that seems impossible to delete.

There is an order in which we can become a mind filled minimalist and strip away what’s keeping us from embracing life without striving for perfection.

Most of us are intimated by today’s life style and do not have the means or the energy to keep up. That’s fine for we do not have to.

Just know life is never perfect.  There will always be decisions about everything you bring into your life that will relate to others and how it will affect them.

What we need is a new job description.  Become the curator of your own life.  As the custodian of your own life you will always keep in mind the overall meaning of life and how it affects not only yourself but others.

Be selfish in a good way and think of yourself first.  Give yourself breathing space by demanding attention to yourself.  Clear your mind of unwanted pressures to keep up in a perplexing world.  Know what is imperfectly imperfect, is Loved by God.

It is far easier to seek God’s peace than to chase perfection.

Perfection is a state of mind that can never be satisfied. Once we accept this we can let go of expecting the perfect life.


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