The Way to Freedom.

There is a strong belief that structured religions hold the truth to life and death, where as spirituality is a modern concept.

In order to deliver a clearer picture that easily defines the two let us look at both sides. First do not confuse spirituality with spiritualism.  Spiritualism is a belief or religious practice based on communication with spirits of the dead especially through mediums.

This is not true of spirituality which discovers the courage to be fully conscious of the unique ‘I AM.’

Structured Religions deliver the promise of entry into heaven with endless conditions that require the obedience of their fashioned beliefs.  Nevertheless, in all created religions there are beautiful people who will bring out the positive in their beliefs, however there are numerous negative aspects that create a fear based following.

The most feared, is life after death, if all the requirement are not met.

Spirituality is the oldest and most exquisite form of religion on earth today.  It relies entirely on legitimacy founded on the consciousness of spirit.  The recognition that life itself is spirit with no requirements.

It empowers you to become the divine spirit that you already are, the ‘I AM’ to live in a state of knowing that there are no expectations, you are a free spirit to create your own dreams and to follow your heart in every decision you make.

Each day we use a tremendous amount of energy proclaiming what fashioned religions tell us about ourselves, that we are born with the sins of the past.  What they fail to teach us is, what amazing divine individuals we are.

We each have our own spiritual journey.  We live in a subjective world with endless opportunities to achieve the goal that is uniquely our own.

To live in spirit is not to abandon God, in fact it brings us closer to the Creator God in all his glory, to nature, to peace and the onement that our spirit seeks.