Your Life is Yours.

What does forgiveness mean to the Giver and the Receiver?

This is a two-way step.

Someone you know or perhaps a stranger causes you pain and disappointment in which you feel you can never forgive.

Most of us feel that true forgiveness is beyond us as the hurt may never go away, yet to forgive is not so unachievable as we may think.

In a relationship, you may have the right to decide how much hardship you are willing to endure or not to remain in an unworkable relationship.

For a stranger, you may choose there will be no further connection.

Forgiveness should not be a sacrifice of self- worth to you but an atonement to the Offender.  In this you will release all negative attachments to them.

To forgive is the only right you owe them, not your life.  Your life is yours.

In forgiveness to others you will receive the peace of amazing grace.