Simplicity the Key Element.

Physiology, Biology, Theology, in truth, are kinds of religions. 

We are looking for the truth about Life and God. 

The problem arises when it becomes too simple and another explanation must be found.  Truth today is a festering hole.  The hole is bigger than the truth.  We feed the hole with our own explanations, with our need for something other than what it is. 

Let’s for the sake of truth keep our story simple.

Let’s keep to simplicity in all our understandings.

Whether you are rich or poor or in between, in a manner of simplicity it is the best way to run your life.

A word of wisdom. When simplicity is the key element, perfection is achieved.

This applies to everything in Life. Don’t overthink matters or over achieve because you waste your time all round.

Take a step back and leave it.