Reincarnation of the Soul and the Mind.

Is reincarnation of the Soul different from reincarnation of the mind?

 Answer: Yes.

What is reincarnation of the Soul? Answer: Life re-born into the flesh.

Let me make one thing clear. The Spirit lies within the Soul.  The Spirit is the DNA of God.

The Soul is the Life.  The soul enters the body at birth. The body would be a vessel without a Life Soul.

See the mind as a driving wheel.  The mind is your self will. 

We may say the mind can be reincarnated through a rebirth of the minds self-will, a change of thought.

The reincarnation of the mind is inspired at the lowest level. For example a young couple think to change their lives and take their young family to a seaside town or country town to be brought up.  The man had decided this is not the life he currently wants his family to lead as his job takes up too much of his life. A thought of the mind triggered it off.

At the highest level, it is simply seeing your own self differently.

It is the command from the heart to change the way you perceive yourself to be.

At the lowest level a little nudge, at the highest level, a shove.

It is an intervention by God in your life.