Disappointment into Detachment.

Part 2. Look at how you can change YOUR world by using these six key essentials in your day to day lives. Change: Disappointment into Detachment. This change alone can save you much pain. You can feel disappointment over someone's actions, you cannot feel disappointment through someone's actions. Also remember you cannot shame another. You … Continue reading Disappointment into Detachment.

God v Structured Religion

Structured religion will often have an opposite result. It can take you away from God. Unconventional religion however is seen as false. In ancient times Jesus himself was known as unconventional in his teachings. He spoke of a different way of approaching God and his Word. Today structured religion has misinterpreted the true significance of … Continue reading God v Structured Religion

Love has no opposite.

Love has no opposite, only an alternative. Without an alternative, Love holds no meaning for it cannot show itself above all. For Love cannot show its DIVINITY without an alternative. The gift of Love v Fear are the elements of choice. Emotions are the manifestations of either Love or Fear. Love - Fear Choice These … Continue reading Love has no opposite.

The Simplicity of Love.

These lessons given in Love, are inspirations given to all humanity by God. In a world where we are influenced by conflicting choices, we find ourselves drawn towards one choice or another. At times the choice to follow the heart is all that becomes prevalent, yet many times throughout life we are drawn by another … Continue reading The Simplicity of Love.